Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Expo foodfair

Introducing: Macadamia nuts from nutsnco!

Edmund and Jasmond (our bosss)

Ferlena and me taking shots to compare who's cuter! HAHA

Another two promoter: Serena and Sharon!

And this is Fabian. (Serena's beau cum volunteer) hehe


Individuals with Jasmond:

Very bless to have this kind of boss
which fetch his promoters to work, provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper and even snacks and drinks for his promoters!
We have all gained at least a kg! haha
all thanks to our awesome boss.
Will be meeting up again hopefully this friday to collect our pay cheque and for dinner and maybe kbox cos i dont hit clubs.
Awaiting for the worldcup event!
hopefully everyone will be able to turn up!
hope to work with you guys again!
though its only a five days event, but we've gain lots and share lots together!